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Candonians of hawaii, nabangon idi 1948, tumulong kadagiti kamengna, ken mangted ti scholarship



Maibatay iti napabaro a listaan ti Oahu Filipino Community Council[OFCC] 2008, ti Candonians of Hawaii ti maikatlo a kapautanen a gunglo dagiti Filipino iti Hawaii. Nabangon iti 1948 sangapulo ket maysa a tawen sakbay a nabangon ti OFCC.

Aganay a 100 ti agdama a kamengna ita a 2008. Ni Bernadette Fajardo ti agdama a presidente. Aktibo iti komunidad ni Fajardo. Filipino Chamber of Commerce, OFCC, dadduma pay.

Pasado a presidente ni Dr. Nas Torres.

Scholarship ti maysa kadagiti proyektoda. Tinawen nga angayenda ti agfundraising.

Candonians of Hawaii Scholarship Fundraising 2007

Naatendaranmi ti paskenda idi August 17, 2007, iti Pacific Beach Hotel.

Kangrunaan a sangaili ni Dip Eric Singson, Deputy Speaker, iti Philippine Congress, ken sangaili met ni Consul General Abadilla ken dadduma.

Dadduma a sangaili: Senators: Will Espero, Clarence Nishihara,
Reps. Alex Sonson, Kimberly Marcos Pine,

Community leaders: Al Sabangan, Cabugao; Louie Funtanilla, Narvacan, Danny Villaruz, Ilocos Surian;

Toy Arre, Rep. Jun Abinsay, Lito Alcantra, Ron Cabanada, Charlene Cuaresma, Judge Artemio Baxa, John Ramos, Maggie Domingo, Maria Etrata, Namah Baptista, Roger Madariaga, Maui,

Consul General Abadilla remarks: maintain ties to hometown; our special ties in our home”

Congressman Eric Singson: I am very fortunate to visit you to grace this occasion, I crossed the Pacific, have no regrets, I believe program is successful. With high admiration to your efforts – extend education to the poor but deserving students. It is a solution to poverty in our country.

My responsibility to finance 2000 indigents students – your unity and cooperation to help Candonians is commendable.

To update you what progress of development in Candon City:

Established City hospital; opened new city hall; brought green water from Salcedo

Presentation and dedication of the statue to FilComCenter ken Binhi at Ani, Maui.

Kameng ti Candonians of Hawaii iti ISAH ken OFCC.


Letter of Inquiry and Request to
President Bernadette D. Fajardo

Good morning Bernadette,

Happy July 4th !

1948 formation of Candonians of Hawaii caught my eyes and made me interested to email you, and make follow-up.

Per your OFCC renewal form, Candonians of Hawaii was organized in 1948, an eleven years before the formation of OFCC[UFCH] in 1959. This interest me to make a brief write up about Candonians of Hawaii, its older than OFCC ! Right !

My writing outlets where this feature story will be posted at AMADO I. YORO ONLINE at the Iluko.Com, Ilocos Times Online, TawidNewsMagazine, FilAm Observer, and probably Hawaii Filipino Chronicle

I know you have an upcoming event on Aug 15. [With regret, sorry, I can't attend. I have previous commitment]

[I attended your function last Aug 17, 2007 Scholarship fundraising]

For me to write something about Candonians of Hawaii, will you PLEASE
provide me the following information:

1. Exact month, date and year 1948, Candonians of Hawaii was organized.
2. Who served as the first president/founding president
3. {If you have a record or information, names of other organizers that very start]
4. Names of past presidents, if you have [I know Rey Custodio and Dr. Nas Torres were past presidents]
5. CANDONIANS MAIN OBJECTIVES/PROJECTS [Scholarship as one....what are the other projects?]
6. Names of Your current officers
7. Names Your incoming officers
8. Names Your Scholarship recipients 2008 - this Aug 15 recipient/s
9. Who is your guest speaker on Aug 15, 2008

For your info

Candonians of Hawaii is the 3rd oldest organization organized before 1959 OFCC organized.

Your assistance is appreciated.
Thank you for your time

Amado Yoro

July 6, 2008

Dear Amado:

Sons & Daughters of Candon was founded in 1948, as for exact date and month, from my sources, one of our oldest members (Manang Ines Resurrection), month - the first quarter around March 1948.
The founder and 1st President was Dimas Gaston - 1948 to 1952. Other organizers and members are the following: Claudio Bello, Gaudencio Garabiles, Jose Felipe Bautista, Fausto Galace, Agapito Galope, Johnny Villanueva, Johnny Alayay, Paul Rendon, Anacleto Gamad, Jose Astrere and Miguel Lopez.
One of their purposes of having this organization to provide help for the death of the family which they call "Saranay". In the early 90's, Sons and Daughters of Candon was changed to Candonians of Hawaii.

The list of the Presidents are the following:

· 1948 - 1952 - Dimas Gaston
· 1952 - 1956 - Paul Rendon
· 1956 - 1960 - Felipe Bautista
· 1960 - 1964 - Miguel Lopez
· 1964 - 1984 - Presidency has been alternates between Paul Rendon, Felipe Bautista and Miguel Lopez
· 1984 - 1988 - Rey Custodio
· 1988 - 1990 - Miguel Lopez
· 1990 - 2000 - Rey Custodio
· 2000 - 2004 - Dr. Ignacio Torres
· 2004 - 2008 - Bernadette Dario Fajardo

In the year 2001 - we established the Scholarship Program under the Presidency of Dr. Ignacio Torres and chairmanship of Bernadette Dario Fajardo. After 2 years of Fund Raising (2003), we started giving 4 years scholarship at University of Northern Philippines. We provide full scholarship (Tuition, books, transportation, food, etc) to these scholars to all the Public High School in Candon, Ilocos Sur. We alaready have 4 who graduated in 2007, their names are the following:
· Lavinia Villarde - Bachelor Science in Education (Sto. Tomas, Candon City)
· Felomino Valdez - Bachelor Science in Education (Bagani Ubbog, Candon City)
· Jenalyn Gallarin - Bachelor of Arts (Tamurong, Candon City)
· Aileen Pangilinan - Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Darapidap, Candon City)

The continuing scholars for 2008 are:

· Jason Agrisola - BSBA II
· Kristin May Aglibut - BSE III
· Gringo Escalona - BSE IV

For the children and grandchildren of our members, we give monetary gift ($200 to $300 ea) to all the graduates of High School and College. This is an appreciation of our organization to the graduates. We still working with the continuing scholars in the near future.
Another project besides the scholarship for the Philippines and here in Hawaii, we also provide $500.00 and funeral wreaths ($150-200) to all the members of our organization who died.
We just have a new project that was approved by the board - for the schools where our scholars came from, we will provide computer or whatever the school needs.
Also, we are planning to have Medical Mission in January 2009 which will be spearheaded by Dr. Ignacio Torres with the Aloha Mission.

As for the current officers (2004-2008)

President - Bernadette Dario Fajardo
1st Vice President - Samuel Sonson
2nd Vice President - Joey Centeno
Recording Secretary - Lita Cagdan
Corresponding Secretary - Lily Eleccion
Treasurer - Delia Wong
Asst. Treasurer - Helen Grace Go
Auditor - John Guilambo
Press Relation Officers - Alma Caberto, Flora Ea & Van Torres
Peace Officers - Archie Eleccion, Cesar Fajardo, Teddy Langas & Dennis Luat
Advisers: Dr. Ignacio Torres - Immediate Past President
Rey Custodio - Past President
Dr. Ben Galindo, Jaime Juan, Ines Resurrection & Dr. Remy Sonson
Legal Adviser: Atty. Alex Sonson

Incoming Officers [2008-2010] that will be installed by Our guest speaker and installing officer Congressman & Deputy Speaker Eric Dario Singson. Consul General Ariel Abadilla will also give short remarks on our 8th Annual Scholarship Fund Raising which will be held on August 15, 2008 at Pacific Beach Grand Ballroom - 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 midnight.

are the following:

President - Samuel Sonson
1st Vice President - Dr. Ignacio Torres (Past President & Adviser)
2nd Vice President - Joey Centeno
Recording Secretary - Mary Jane Gameng
Corresponding Secretary - Flora Ea
Treasurer - Delia Wong
Asst Treasurer - Adelle Eleccion
Auditor - John Guilambo
Press Relation Officers: Alma Caberto, Miriam Langas & Van Torres
Peace Officers: Cesar Fajardo, Teddy Langas, Dennis Luat & John Mangayayam
Advisers: Bernadette Dario Fajardo - Immediate Past President
Dr. Ignacio Torres - Past President
Rey Custodio - Past President
Dr. Ben Galindo, Jaime Juan, Ines Resurrection & Dr. Remy Sonson
Legal Adviser: Atty. Alex Sonson


[To Our Readers: If you happen to know, or you belong to an organization/s whether it is a regional, provincial, municipal, social, fraternal, alumni and related organized before June 1959 in your area or communities, especially in Hawaii, that provide scholarship, death benefit and/or other good benefits and services to its members, community, please get the information by using the same questionnaire above, or similar, and send it to me by email
We will try to compile these organizations for future references. It is also a good idea to start compiling your organization’s history as well, for future references and to the preservation in our good intention to serve the community and membership through our own organization. We write good record and history based on actual facts as days and years go by. We reserve the right to accept or reject any materials that appears unauthentic and copied, translated from copyrighted sources without permission.
Whatever organization you belong. Keep a good record of information. We make history by our deeds and achievements. We cannot change history as they happened now. Good luck ! – Amado I. Yoro]

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